Linen... sustainable summer favourite!

Made from the flax plant, the textile is valued for its coolness in hot temperatures.  The only problem can be its potential to "screw-up" easily.

I found this yellow co-ord linen set in one of my favourite boutiques in old town Albufeira.  Unique colour, loose, comfortable yet casual.  I do prefer supporting local boutiques and finding something a little bit different.  The whole shopping experience is often more personal too!

Photography by Algarve Video Solutions.
Trousers:  Boutique Sirene, Albufeira
Jacket:  Boutique Sirene, Albufeira
Swimsuit:  Bershka
Sunglasses:  Stradivarius
Hair Clips:  Stradivarius
One Piece
Swimsuit season ...  

Sadly coming to an end for us in the UK, but just starting for those of you around the world!   Beautiful sunsets, enjoying a good book on the beach, relaxing with family and feeling healthy - my favourite.

Swimsuits have definitely become more stylish over the last few years, plunge necklines, high cut, one shoulder and vibrant prints.  Figure flattering on all body shapes, and ideal with a pair of shorts/skirt.  I was always a bikini girl until the last few years - longing for that brown stomach!  But I loved the fun tiger print of this swimsuit and the more revealing cut.

Swimsuit:  Bershka
Pineapple Necklace:  Parfois
Sunglasses:  Stradivarius
Hair Grips:  Stradivarius
Rings:  Michael Kors
Cycling Shorts
Cycling shorts...  Love them or hate them? 

Major Spring trend, and I personally love them!  They are making a comeback from the 90's when my mum and Princess Diana rocked the cycling shorts look.  Comfortable, versatile and this season's "cool-girl" staple.

Perfect for those slightly warmer days, this tomboy style can be worn in so many different ways.  I personally will wear mine with a baggy t-shirt, jumper or shirt.  I like to stick with my theory of tight on the bottom half and baggy on the top... or vice versa!  

How I wear my cycling shorts...

Cycling Shorts:  Stradivarius
Shirt:  Zara (Similar)
Bra:  Calvin Klein
Pumps:  Stradivarius
Sunglasses:   Ray Bans
Visit Seville!

The capital of southern Spain's Andalusia region.  Seville is famous for flamenco dancing, gothic architecture and fresh churros.  Lonely Planet voted the city number 1 in its top 10 cities to visit in 2018.

It was my first visit to Seville and hopefully not my last!  Easy to explore, mild temperatures in winter and less tourists... I would suggest visiting from September to February.  March to June is high season in the city due to local festivities and great weather.  July and August can see temperatures exceeding 35'c, where it is advised not to be outside from midday and early afternoon.

I always find the best way to explore is on foot, you have flexibility and freedom to plan your days.  However, a real highlight for me was taking the horse drawn carriage tour from either the Plaza de España or Catedral de Sevilla.  It is a very popular attraction in the city, and a great way to see all of the sights if you are short of time!

Must-see places to visit:

Shirt:  Bershka
Cigarette Trousers:  Promod
Pumps:  Stradivarius
Large Cat Eye Sunglasses:  Stradivarius
Backpack:  TK Maxx
Image Source: Unsplash

Travelling can be a sheer joy, or it can be an ordeal that you wish would quickly come to an end, and if you want to get the most out of the travelling experience, there needs to be a degree of planning and preparation. Once you are in transit, you are usually limited to the things you brought with you, and if something unexpected occurs, it could put a damper on the trip. If you are new to travelling for pleasure, here are a few tips on correct planning and preparation to help make the journey enjoyable.

*   Know Where You Are Going – Travelling on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway, for example, would involve long periods on a train, yet you can opt to get on board one of those Golden Eagle luxury trains from a reputable tour organiser. They would furnish you with all the information you would need in order to pack and prepare thoroughly for what will be the train trip of a lifetime.

*   Visas – If your trip involves foreign travel, you first have to find out about the visa requirements. Many countries will allow tourists to obtain a free visa on arrival, but this should be checked before making any firm decisions about your chosen destination. Travelling on the Trans-Siberian Railway would mean you will need at least a Russian visa, and if you plan to check out Mongolia, a separate visa is required. Booking through an established tour operator will ensure that visa applications are made, and they have a lot of useful information regarding all aspects of travel in Russia and Mongolia.
Image Source: Pixabay

*   Travel Insurance – This is essential when holidaying abroad, or even for a business trip, as you never know what might happen, and being in a foreign country is a different scenario than when at home. Medical and accidental injury cover will ensure that, should the worst happen, you will be covered by insurance. Many people have found themselves in a medical emergency when abroad, and without medical insurance, you run the risk of a huge bill in the event you require emergency surgery.

*   Make Good Use Of Available Technology – The Internet offers the traveller a wealth of information, especially regarding the destination country. You can read all about the history, culture and customs, and all it takes is a few Google searches to find specific information. You can make bookings online, which is very convenient, whether for travel or accommodation, and you will arrive in the country with some background knowledge that will prove to be invaluable. For a more detailed list of things to do prior to travelling, there are various blogs you can check out.

*   Packing Your Luggage – Whether it be a backpack or suitcases, you need to be very specific about what you take. The seasoned traveller would put everything they need onto the bed, then by using a process of elimination, will end up with about half of that. Again, the Internet is your best friend and can help you to find out about the climate and other related topics, and you can even find some travel blogs written by people who have already experienced your planned trip.

Image Source: Pexels

If you want to get the most out of a travelling experience, planning and preparation are important, and with online solutions, you can quickly become familiar with your intended destination and can plan accordingly.